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Book Recommendation

Surgical Mentoring: Building Tomorrow's Leaders

By: John Rombeau, Amy Goldberg, Catherine Loveland-Jones

Surgical Mentoring: Building Tomorrow's Leaders focuses on women physicians mentoring women surgeons in hands-on medicine. The book provides interesting chapters on the basics of mentorship, the qualities to look for in a mentor, the methods for mentoring local and international mentees as well as the evidence behind the benefits of mentorship. This book is not only for surgeons! Resources about mentoring in general are provided as additional resources for leadership and network development.


Dr. Maureen Trudeau MA, MD, FRCPC

Associate Scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute
Head, Division of Medical Oncology/Hematology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Head, Systemic Therapy Program, Odette Cancer Centre
Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Associate member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto
Co-chair, breast cancer site group, Cancer Care Ontario

Why is Dr. Maureen Trudeau the Successful Mentor of the Month for April?

In addition to Dr. Trudeau's many scientific accomplishments and leadership roles in various aspects of cancer care throughout her career, she has always had time to mentor innumerable oncologists in their career development. Drs. Simmons, Brezden, Gandhi and Dent are just 4 of the many mentees that Maureen has helped at key points in their careers. Appropriately, all 4 have chosen to nominate Dr. Trudeau as "Mentor of the Month" for April, in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting.

"Maureen is a phenomenal role model and mentor. She has helped me on innumerable occasions with career related decisions. I truly feel that she has put my needs ahead of her own, which is the mark of a true mentor!" says Dr. Simmons.

"Maureen has always been there for me throughout my career. In 2007 I nominated her for a mentorship award from St. Michael's hospital, as her guidance and support helped me greatly early on in my career. Truly though, her support is ongoing and incredibly valued." says Dr. Brezden.

"Maureen was my fellowship supervisor, career advisor, and has been supportive of me through many difficult career and life decisions." Says Dr. Dent.

"Maureen has been instrumental to these important early years in my career with her guidance and support. She has advocated for me in ways that have opened the door to excellent opportunities, which will help me grow as a clinician, academic, and leader. She exemplifies what it means to be a mentor and role model; she is a strong leader and excellent physician, with the warmth and heart of a great woman." says Dr. Gandhi.

For all these reasons and more, we would like to congratulate Dr. Maureen Trudeau as the Mentor of the Month for April!

Thank you Dr. Trudeau for being an amazing mentor to many of the WinC members in our network! We express our condolences for the passing of your husband and are here to support you in every possible way we can.

Notable Accomplishments in March

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz – Recipient of the CMA May Cohen Award for Women Mentors Congratulations Dr. Gospodarowicz for your newest accomplishment!

Nominate a Mentor, Mention an Accomplishment for Next Month!

WinC provides a platform to increase visibility of amazing mentors on an international level. If you have someone in mind that has been an amazing mentor to you or people you know OR you have reached a new accomplishment, please email Audrey Wong This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by April 27th.

Don't Quit This Day Job

By: Karen S. Sibert, The New York Times

"I’m a doctor and a mother of four, and I've always practiced medicine full time. When I took my board exams in 1987, female doctors were still uncommon, and we were determined to work as hard as any of the men." – Karen S. Sibert

"Don't Quit This Day Job" is an inspiring article in the New York Times about a female anesthesiologist who discusses trends in part-time work in the medical field. An increasing number of women are entering the medical field, but opt to take part-time work may be hurting the system as a result of a growing elderly population that requires greater medical resources. "Patients need doctors to take care of them. Medicine shouldn’t be a part-time interest to be set aside if it becomes inconvenient; it deserves to be a life’s work."

To view this article, click here.

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